Igbo language is difficult because of the huge number of dialects, its richness in prefixes and suffixes and its heavy intonation. chief woman of family; loosely used for all daughters, fine Ya na gị na aga - He is going with you osisi oroma ịlụ . m - I/me/my/mine; Kwado Igbo foundation 10. Now, let’s see how many fruits’ names in Igbo you can present? group of married women who originate from a In my language (Dutch) coriander (koriander to be precise) is the word used for both the leaves and the seeds. From the Igbo language, ‘red Ibo’ is used to describe a person with light skin or a mulatto of mixed parentage. English to Igbo dictionary of Igbo language will, therefore, never ever end. people become discouraged at the thought of too difficult a task}, Ọ bụlụ na nwe si ebe a gaa ọzọ m tisịa gị ebo m gị apa, If you dare pass here again I shall give you a thorough beating {after beating you I shall leave scars on you}, silk cotton Tree (Igbo Ukwu dialect); beingdragged along, race, dynasty {check?} Furthermore, for some reason, the Igbo translation dictionary does lose its full meaning in the English to Igbo dictionary }}, His manners leave something to be desired, Agwa enyị m nwoke nọ n'ObOdO Oyịbo na-ama m, I miss my friend who is in Holland {i.e. What is MINT LEAVE called in IGBO Language. Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent. consult the agbala in Awka, the most famous one, {also agbala nwaanyị} woman of great influence or of strong, stout build, an object about 8' long, made of two long bamboos, with a number of coconut shells fixed between them representing the number of girls the owner was on intimate terms with in his youth, {Proverb:} A person's neighbour is his brother or sister, long, narrow calabash for carrying water or wine; calabash, black ant infesting houses, living in holes in mud floors. What is bay leaf in Igbo language . translate english to igbo Google Translate now translates Igbo Nigerian language. {, the author of fertility, one of the manifestations of, Osita's lineage is one of short people {Nollywood superstar actors -, He bound him; rope used for climbing, made from, person bearing same name as oneself; namesake {, I do not like the company of anybody who denies what he has done {, perform the preliminary sacrifice before being initiated into, hair of humans or animals {excluding hair of head and eye lashes, which are known as, person {child} of stunted growth; underdeveloped person {child or young person}; dwarf {, spirits of the dead of worthless people {see, fable; myth; true narrative; history {as opposed to, vein; sinew; muscle; fibres from raphia palm; rope made from them {also, creeping plant in the bush, whose vines can be made into strings; A charm, made of the strings of, name of a particular small market in Onitsha, now replaced by, Arabic language, named after the phrase in Moslem prayers, spear used by titled men for ceremonies {=, spirit; divinity; deity; invisible supernatural being-force, divided by Nri into four types: those directly established by Chukwu such as, twelfth month of the traditional Nri calender, devoted to rituals and offerings to the, witness; secret divulged {e.g. english to igbo translator Solving Digestive Problem. name of a State in Igbo land (o bia - when he comes), When one finds/looks for; (na-aeho -is looking for), {ofe} egg-plant with tiny fruits and edible leaves {afụfa}, not to enter into; also name of a town in Abia State, Name of a grain grown in Also the Indonesian word ketumbar is often used for ground koriander seeds. There are different types of effirin in Yoruba language. Hi sis pls what is coriander called in Yoruba or Igbo language. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Replies. Many people have written some form of Igbo Dictionary Book(s) in a manuscripts or electronic files but could not publish it. tied tobacco; bits of tied tobacco retailed in small amounts, etc. It is our intentions and hope that this igbo of nigeria Igbo words may differ only in tone. drought; extended or severe dry season; long period without rain, take honey from the comb {after driving away the bees}, smoke; tobacco; cigarette; cigar; tobacco snuff { ụtaba}. Precious Amiegberita March 27, 2020 - 7:07 am. {e.g Aga as; na? Trust for African Rock Art (TARA) & the Center for Black and African Arts and African Civilizations (CSAAC) Cilantro is the American name, coriander is the European name. A collection of various objects is used, including human and animal teeth, cowries, seeds, coins, pieces of bone, seeds of certain plants. Igbo language is difficult because of the huge number of dialects, its richness in prefixes and suffixes and its heavy intonation. Usually sold in this form in the market, where it is rolled into balls and retailed in small amounts}, shredded cassava; raw or pounded fufu; archaic name loosely used for cassava generally, cassava, raw fufu stalls – a section of the market where cassava, raw fufu, is displayed for sale, cottonwood; silk cotton tree, found at Agwụ shrine, akpụkpụ ikwe ka nne nni, Onye nwe nni ebulukwọ nni ya, {If crumbs of pounded food tend to be larger than the main food, the owner of the food will take back his food {in annoyance, discontinuing the pounding}}, droppings, dung, of animals {the kind that is rolled in small balls, made especially by goats}, termites; Cocoa nut; Oil paIm nut; (akuo -when one plants), plant with tiny thorns which yields strings, used to tie up seed-yams or to make akwalị, kernels of unripe palm fruits {usually white}, search for palm kernels at the farm {usually of children}; play a board game like draughts, be dried, without juice, as of some fruits and tubers; nonsucculent, fable; myth; true narrative; history {as opposed to akụkọ iro}, weeping over personal tragedy or misfortune, e.g. if a person is planning to kill me on a certain day and a friend happens to know of this and tells me beforehand this information is, make laugh; please; amuse; delight; be funny {, another person's land; foreign country; land of the living {opposed to, dry land {as opposed to water}; high land between, life-size status of carved wood, representing, wild cane; rattan; generic term applying to Oncocalamus wrightianus Hutch, O. acanthocnemis, Ancistrophyllum secundiflorum, and A. opacum, used to make chairs, beds, walking-sticks, baskets, trays, whips string, etc {see, feast for a child {e.g. e - impersonal pronoun/one {when the consonant is followed by open vowels e, i, o, e; for example, e mee; e loo} Agwụ possesses those who are called to serve as ndị dibịa, the signs of a vocation being absentmindedness, disorientation, and the like, It is those who minister to agwụ that agwụ possesses, be possessed by Agwụ be mildly eccentric or mentally deranged. Wahoo amazing works am delighted by ur good works pls what is cloves called in igbo language u can pls reply the answer to my email address thanks i will be glad to hear from u pls. m/mu - me/ to me Reply Delete. grapefruit tree. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); name; oracle; (alaa - when one squeezes); divination; shells of native mango fruit strung together and used by medicine men in divination. Thanks. Reply. Settlement {Udi} used in place-names Ama ọfị, go to the toilet {go out to the fore-compound beyond the main compound door}, Enye m gị akwụkwọ ṅkaa ka ọ bụlụ ife ịrịba ama na a kpob atalụgị na ọtu anyị taata, I present this book to you as a token to your admission into our society today, compound; Original Divine Mother; open square, witness; secret divulged {e.g. igbo in nigeria Ị na edu - You are guiding }, seen in Agwụ shrines, jackal-like animal; name of a town {lit. apple tree. These are English (official language), Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo. being dump by one's child or lover. Presently, over 32 million of people speak this language. head of tobacco; bunch of prepared tobacco leaves {usually black tobacco} counting 5 leaves in one head, exclamation of pleasure on meeting a friend after long separation, eye partly closed through disease or accident, disease of the eye; fierceness of aspect; jealousy; envy {fiery eyes}, The drug I took in the morning makes me dizzy, Don't let anything get in your eye, or, Don't let yourself be cheated, suffer greatly; see many tribulations; have hard experience, fix the eye on, persevere, be diligent {greeting to a departing friend}, be careful, warned, cautious, beware; take heed {clear way for sight}, behold; look {at}; gaze at; look after; mind, be bold, capable of withstanding hardship, courageous, refrain from doing something because of respect for someone present, disregard for status or presence; {in good sense} fairness in judgement; {in bad sense} disrespect, in the blink of an eyelid; in the twinkling of an eye, tame; beat very severely {beat till the eyes become soft}, be observant, watchful, careful; take notice of; watch {lay the eyes on the ground}, be plain, clear, obvious; stare one in the face; leap to the eye, Where the noise is coming from is far away, sunrise; East; the sun, regarded as a manifestation or son of Chukwu, the author of light and knowledge, Chee irụn'anyaanwụ, sịị "Anyaanwụ na Agbala", Face the sun, saying, "Sun and Agbala" {in sacrifice} {anya - eye + anwụ sunshine}, such a one, so and so {e.g. igbo english The IgboEnglish.com is always a work-in-progress website. translate igbo to english IgboEnglish.com is dedicated to all who aspire to identify and give intellectual content and expression Anonymous 15 May 2020 at 01:38. igbo to english translation Though the two areas can vary in certain cultural aspects, there are some factors that stay the same no matter which sid… The leaves are known in a lot of ways as fresh coriander, Chinese parsley, coriander leaves, or cilantro mainly in North America. translation from english to igbo All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds (as a … Unu. mụ na gị - me and you/ Ee, eji m aka na ọga-abịa taa, Are you sure Chioma will come today? Hausa What is chebe powder called in Hausa language pls? I would like to know the name of Rosemary plant/leaf in Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa languages.
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