šå›³ ; 색각이상자용 ; 운임표; 도시철도 운임표 ; Timetable; 1-4호선 시각표 ; 5-8호선 시각표 (색각이상자용 노선도 적용 제외) It travels to most of the regions in the metropolitan area of Seoul, including the Incheon International … (Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, KTX, SRT) I look forward to your kind cooperation. Each subway station has multiple exits that are labelled with numbers. šå›³ ; 색각이상자용 ; 운임표; 도시철도 운임표 ; Timetable; 1-4호선 시각표 ; 5-8호선 시각표 (색각이상자용 노선도 적용 제외) Do note, however, that it can be very crowded at peak times. Comprising a whopping 23 lines, the subway map more closely resembles a plate of kaleidoscopic spaghetti than a transportation guide. If you do not tap you card hard enough, or if there is not enough money on your card, you will not be able to enter. Thanks for sharing! The Seoul Metropolitan Subway is a metropolitan railway system in Seoul, South Korea. There are two ticket options for using the Seoul Subway: A T-Money Card and a Single-Use T-Money Card. 1GJG Hoegi Station This was SO incredibly helpful!!! Should you opt to hail a cab during your stay, you can pay for that fare with the T-Money Card, too. Hoehyeon Seoul Metropolitan Subway 6 min. Now that you’re a Seoul subway expert, what are you waiting for? A map showing the subway … • Stand on the right side of escalators, and walk on the left. Many of the major stations are attractions in their own right and feature a wide array of facilities, including restaurants, convenience stores, cosmetic shops, clothing boutiques, breastfeeding rooms, bicycle racks, elevators and wheelchair lifts. It is a must have app when travelling Korea, Seoul, Busan, Taejeon, Kwangjoo, and Taegu. For buses, Kakao Bus is fantastic for checking timetables. – The T-Money card can be used in all cities in Korea that have metro systems (such as Busan and Daegu), however they cannot be recharged in these cities. At that time, a little gate will block your entry and a small alarm will go off. Login; or; Sign up; Dark mode. In all subway stations and inside the Seoul metro all maps, signs and announcements will be both in English and Korean. Browse and download Minecraft Korea Maps by the Planet Minecraft community. The Seoul subway map might be a little bit overwhelming at first. • Although it’s not illegal, it’s considered inappropriate to eat on the subway. The seats in the middle of the car can be used by anyone and – are conveniently located above the seats to hold onto. Browse and download Minecraft Korea Maps by the Planet Minecraft community. Riding the subway in Seoul is an easy, fast, and efficient way to move around the city. Likewise, you can check the transportation information of a destination via its website before you arrive. Take note of each station’s operating hours. Simply tap the card when entering and exiting each mode of transportation. Seoul's address system is similar to that of Japan. Note: As Internet Explorer is still used exclusively by the majority of Koreans, most websites (especially government sites) are best … T-Money Cards can be purchased (4,000 won or £2.70 per card) and reloaded at the airport, convenience stores and vending machines at subway stations. Taking a ride on subway is a fast, convenient and cheap way to get around in Seoul and reach any area of the city. I am so happy to hear that Beth. Riding the Subway: T-Money Card. You can choose whatever you want to. Most Seoulites use the subway and are familiar with its layout. If you’d like to reload your card at a convenience store, give the clerk your T-Money Card and the amount of money you’d like to add. Land Structure Map. The Seoul subway map might be a little bit overwhelming at first. To avoid passenger gridlock, have your T-Money Card in hand and ready to tap. . It is polite to wait on the side of the doors as people exit the train before boarding, however you will find that many people do not always wait until people get off before squeezing their way on. For … Small part of Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map. Subway entrances are generally covered staircases on the sidewalks of busy streets and are marked by unmistakable yellow signs. Seoul, capital of South Korea, reaches a population of 10,421,782. • Cycling around Seoul? VIEW. The platforms are lined with glass doors that align with the doors of the subway cars. If you can, avoid these busy stations during this time. A Basic Guide To Exploring Santorini, Greece, 6 Neighborhoods You Must Explore in Tokyo, A Local’s Guide To Visiting New York City, Where to Stay in Chiang Mai: 137 Pillars House, Exploring the Tastes of Bangkok by Tuk Tuk with Bangkok Food Tours, Where to Stay in Bangkok: 137 Pillars Suites & Residences. If using cash, you’ll need to purchase single-journey tickets for every ride you take. Land Structure Map. If you need assistance, press the help button at the end of the turnstiles. The sprawling Dongdaemun market area with its 20+ malls is a shopper’s delight, while a visit to Lotte World, the largest indoor theme park in the world, is a guarantee for all-around fun. Rental Cars See rental cars from $55/day. For journeys outside Seoul, W100 for each additional 5 kilometers and W100 for each additional 10 kilometers if the total trip exceeds 35 kilometers; The Seoul Subway (Metro) System is efficient, clean, safe and very easy to use. • The Seoul subway is open from 5.30am to 1am, but some train lines close earlier. There are over 20 subway lines crossing each other, each stop at the most important part of Seoul and on the outskirts of Seoul. Seoul Subway Line 2 (Korean: 서울 지하철 2호선), also known as the Circle Line, is a circular line of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway.The line running clockwise is called the "inner circle line" and the counter-clockwise line is called the "outer circle line". Note: As Internet Explorer is still used exclusively by the majority of Koreans, most websites (especially government sites) are best accessed via Internet Explorer. So nice posting about transportation in Korea. Learn how your comment data is processed. To avoid making any embarrassing cultural faux pas, it’s best to follow these simple practices: • Don’t use the seating on the far ends of each car, as these spots are reserved for the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities. Home Minecraft Maps. • Once you’ve identified the first line you’ll be riding, take note of its final stop. If you’re mostly exploring central Seoul, you likely won’t pay more than the basic fare for each journey. Riding the subway is very convenient, and like any major city can get very crowded during rush hours and holidays. At a first glance, you will see a complicated and detailed subway map that’ll make you wanna jump in to the taxi line. However, larger stations (such as Gangnam Station or Gwanghwamun Station) can have upwards of a dozen exits, so if you’re meeting someone, it’s best to decide on an exit number ahead of time. Its territory covers a total area of 99,392 square kilometers and has a population of 50 million. Here are the steps for adding money to the T-Money card at the machine: To enter the subway, you need to tap your card on the – that states ‘Place Your Card Here’ (카드 대는 곳). Otherwise, the card does not expire, and the remaining value is valid for five years. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Keep headphone volume at a minimum, and turn off your phone notifications. 145 1. x 8 You can go to this site to see a virtual subway map. Website. Not only does the route itself have a long history, the line also passes through downtown Seoul and many historically significant attractions as well as shopping centers. Veolia runs line 9, opened in 2009. • Follow the signs in the subway station towards the first line of your journey. 8. I will make a video about that on my next trip ^^, Thank you for the update Myrisha! Thanks. The busiest stations are those located in business districts and where commuters make transfers between subway lines, such as Gangnam Station and Seoul Station. Thank you for writing this; it is incredibly helpful and appreciated! Thank you!!!!!!! Be sure to tap out the same way you tapped in as you exit the station. One way to find out is to use Google Maps to detect the location of your Seoul accommodation and you’ll instantly find the nearest station. Because public transportation is well organized and convenient in Korea, you can find your destination while you’re walking, taking a bus, a subway, and even while you’re driving. 3. Use subway stations, banks and police stands as your landmark when using a map of Seoul. Riding the subway in Seoul is an easy, fast, and efficient way to move around the city. The feet tell you where to stand in order to board the train.
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