Via Eleonora Duse, 8 40033 Casalecchio di Reno Bologna, Italy P.Iva IT 01518421209 It also features volumetric shot dosing, as well as an optional shot timer and pre-infusion chamber. Don’t like them? S1 Mini Vivaldi II Owner’s Manual 4.10 Boiler Operational Modes There are three possible operational modes of the two boilers in the LaSpaziale Mini VII 20A model: Both boilers are completely independent, turning on and off according to the needs of each. The machine comes standard with our famous 4 holes 0.9 mm steam tip. La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi S1- II Features -Dual Boiler ,-Steam Boiler 1.2 liter ,-Comes with NEW .9 mm Steam Tip ,-Steam Boiler Element 1250 Watts ,-Group Boiler .45 liter ,-Group Boiler Element 800 Watts ,-Programmable Offset Differential ,-Swivel Stainless Steel Steam Arm ,-Two 53 mm Portafilters: One Single and One Double ,-Manual Fill 3 liter Water Tank ,-Vibratory Pump (Extremely Quiet) , … On the front of the Mini Vivaldi II; there is a dual manometer control system. Dual Boiler (Nickel Plated Brass) Vibratory Pump; Volumetric Controls (programmable) Front-Loading, 3 Liter Water Reservoir; Saturated Group Head (53mm) Immense Steam Power; Included Free - 2 year extended warranty. The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II comes with an internal vibratory pump. La Spaziale LUCCA A53 Mini / Mini Vivaldi - Cleaning Grouphead Solenoid; La Spaziale LUCCA A53 Mini / Mini Vivaldi - Cleaning Flow Meter This insulated steam arm also comes with a half inch longer arm for better frothing access. The dual action design of these boilers make it possible for you o brew and steam at the same time; allowing for the quick preparation of drinks such as espressos and lattes that normally take two separate steps. Crunchy Beef Tacos with Zesty Homemade Seasoning, Asparagus and Snow Pea Salad with Black-Eyed Peas, Forget Takeout, Make Pan-Fried Chicken Pot Stickers at Home, 30-Minute Loaded Baked Potato Soup Is Creamy Comfort in a Bowl, Heart-Smart Fish: Delicious and Easy to Prepare, Unwind for Dinner with a Comforting Bowl of Vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup. This is an electronically monitored system that has the boiler automatically refill when needed. The original Mini Vivaldi II machines had this feature but it was only a 3-degree adjustment. The Vivaldi II has many great features, including a patented coffee delivery system, dual high performance boilers, and direct plumbing that eliminate the inconvenience of … Differential adjustability Programming allows you to set the temperature at the group to correspond with the LED. One of the best-selling home espresso machines in the United States and many other countries is the La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II. Get the best deals for la spaziale at Mike Quinn spent 20 years in the US Army and traveled extensively all over the world. About "Where to Buy" ... Pourover / vibratory pump variant of the popular S1 Vivaldi II espresso machine. Automated Brew Volume – There are two auto brew buttons on the face of the La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II. Now able to put on a timer There is a cord inside to plug in an OPTIONAL 7-day programmable timer into it. La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Equipment. reservoir is located on the front of the machine under the steam wand. This allows users to simultaneously brew espresso and steam and froth their milk, expediting the home beverage creation process. This model has the La Spaziale automatic boiler refill system as part of its design. Simply put, it makes the temperature accuracy that much more precise in the group boiler and enhances the steam boilers' performance. Make an Easy Irish Soda Bread! This is why the Mini Vivaldi II was created with its own water tank. The pre-infustion chamber provides the home barista with a beverage wonderfully consistent and flavorful. La Spaziale Vivaldi 2 S1 (noe valley) $1,250. The control panel is connected to the device’s internal thermometers. The machine comes with a LED display, dual manometer and included timer for simple daily use. This unique design has helped the Mini Vivaldi reduce lime and calcium deposit issues; making this device an easy to care for home machine. We test each machine and adjust the differential before shipping. Related articles. The included manometers mean there is no need to buy portafilters with their own pressure gauges. SOLD Espresso Machine La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II (North Vancouver) $600. S1 Vivaldi Professional Home Espresso Machine Improvements. Watch. After more than a year it is finally here and even better than we expected. La Spaziale brought their first compact commercial dual boiler to market in 2003, and recently their Vivaldi line has culminated in the LUCCA A53 and Dream.
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