Clarifies aspects of proposals with branch and service heads; there are no opportunities to apply managerial concepts. The level of influence of the position decreases in direct relation to the distance from the ultimate decision-maker based on organizational levels (e.g., in departmental corporate headquarters, the CFO; in a Program or Branch, an ADM or equivalent; in a Region, a Regional Director General; in a District, a Director; in an institute (e.g., museum, penitentiary), a Director, warden or whoever is the effective line authority to make ultimate decisions for that organization). Eight Accounting Clerks report to this position. From: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat The Government of Canada negotiates rates of pay for employees in the core public administration as part of the terms and conditions of employment. Reports to: Director, Financial Policy and Systems Development. Reporting to this position are: Head, Accounting Operations with a staff of two officers and seven clerks; Head, Financial Policy and Systems with one officer; Head, Financial Planning and Resource Management, with a staff of three officers. There is no intermediate organization between the departmental corporate headquarters and the institution. supporting the preparation of internal and external reports, such as departmental financial statements and input to the Public Accounts of Canada. The grid was developed on the basis of 2004 dollars. Average Fiserv hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.34 per hour for Production Worker to $50.00 per hour for Senior Network Engineer. Three Financial Planning and Resource Management Officers and one Budget Clerk report to this position. Directs and coordinates the FTE reports, functions and controls for financial management information systems. Reduced hockey-related revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic will result in a “flat” NHL salary cap for the 2020-21 season. The Annual Reference Level Update (ARLU) is a technical exercise used to set the expenditure baseline for the direct program spending component of the fiscal plan reflected in the annual federal budget and to serve as the basis for the appropriations sought from Parliament in the upcoming Main Estimates. Action is constrained by departmental policies and general direction of the supervisor. Attribution of a full range of financial management to a position requires on-going responsibility for at least three full activities and does not require responsibility for internal financial audit. production of statements. Provides training to line management, regional financial analysts and other support staff. Reports to: Director, Financial Management Branch. They deal only with those characteristics that can be defined and distinguished and that are useful in determining the relative worth of jobs. Position reports directly to a Chief, Cost Accounting, who reports to a Director of Finance. Salary; IBM SAP FI/CO Consultant salaries - 25 salaries reported: $82,595 / yrCiti Associate, S&T, FI salaries - 13 salaries reported: $114,980 / yrDelta System and Software SAP FI/CO Consultant salaries - 12 salaries reported: $95,391 / yrAnid Infosoft Functional Systems Analyst (SAP Fi-co) salaries - 11 salaries … Reports to: Director, Finance and Administration. Persuading, motivating of others is of critical importance in achieving the goals of the position. Coordinates the analysis and consolidation of financial reports on departmental operations and provides advice and assistance to the managers both at corporate headquarters and in the regions. Provides functional advice to regions and directs the activities of the Financial Services Division engaged in accounting operations; financial planning and resource management; and accounting systems and procedures development. Designs, develops and implements cost accounting systems; Monitors and controls the operation of departmental cost accounting systems; Provides analysis for senior management in costing problems and for the use in negotiations with third parties; and. (Planning and Resource Management). Independent action is constrained by departmental branch policy, procedures and close supervision by the Regional Senior Financial Officer. records which fairly reflect all financial transactions are maintained; recording of financial transactions permits the preparation of internal and external financial information, reports, and statements in accordance with policies, directives and standards; and. Resources: Weighted amount of $34.73M (B-1 = $27.06M, B-4 = $5.36M, B-5 = $0.48M, B-6 = $1.50M, B-7 = $0.33M). Independent action is constrained within fairly broad policy, legislation and regulations. $3.89M (B-1 = $1.87M, B-5 = $2.02M). There is no requirement to apply managerial concepts in preparing budget submissions and reports or in controlling budgetary allocations. 3,762 open jobs for Fi manager. Managerial responsibility requires the control and coordination of one financial management activity in one central service. Financial recommendations are made to the Director, Financial Management. A payment made to a recipient which is not subject to being accounted for or audited but for which eligibility and entitlement may be verified (Grant). Financial management activities include planning, budgeting, accounting, reporting, control, oversight, analysis, decision support/advice, and financial systems. Reports to: Director, Finance and Operational Management. The position is located in a departmental regional headquarters. Managerial concepts are applied for the control and coordination of a single financial management activity in support of a Branch. Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Your Journey to a Happier, Healthier Life When you have control of your finances, instead of the other way around, you’ll find that there is so much more to experience in life than the debt and paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. Advises on planning and resource management including financial implications of new or changing programs, financial trends and developments; and the significance of budget variances as they relate to program business goals and the utilization of resources; Develops, implements and maintains management accounting procedures, practices and systems for controlling and forecasting expenditures and commitment control; program budgeting and cash management; and internal control procedures; Develops, establishes and implements cost and general accounting sub-systems; and. Independent action is relatively broad but constrained by central agency policy, regulations and legislation and general direction provided by the Director. The level of influence is greater when the position provides financial recommendations directly to the ultimate decision-maker for the organization/organizational element being supported. Directs and coordinates all aspects of accounting and financial management within the Branch; Directs and coordinates the financial aspects of the Branch’s cost recovery program; Provides functional direction to branch regional and directorate financial personnel; and. In achieving the goals of the position persuading, influencing and motivating others is of critical importance. Refer to the “Glossary of Terms” for the definition of “activity” when determining “Breadth – Diversity of Expertise”. The Regional Coordinating Council of the ECOWAS Volunteers Programme (EVP-RCC) held its 8th meeting, virtually … Judgement is required to determine which costs to include and to what extent to include them. The weights and point values for the factors/elements in the Financial Management job evaluation standard are: 1b. They are composed of the following: Statement of Financial Position; Statement of Operations; Statement of Change in Net Debt; and Statement of Cash Flows. Significant groupings of responsibilities in other specialized areas such as costing and other unique areas (principally these of central agencies and services) may also be considered full activities. Work requires to reviewing and recommending policies, procedures, directives and guidelines. Six Policy and Systems Officers report to this position. Institution: Organizations under federal jurisdiction, such as museums and penitentiaries. The supervisor’s position is the deepest specialist. Researches data system processing to correct errors reported by client departments and agencies. The combined factors may not describe all aspects of jobs. Work consists of developing, designing and documenting financial information and control systems, methods and/or procedures. classification of accounts). The work requires directing the development and review of policies and procedures for the preparation and submission of the Operational Plan, Estimates and Budgets. A technical specialist limited to less than a full financial activity which is financial systems analysis. Analyses regional resource management and operating activities for significant trends and makes recommendations on opportunities to obtain economic use of resources. This sub-factor is comprised of two elements: Managerial Expertise measures the expertise required to harmonize and integrate to achieve goals through the efforts of others. This is the department’s senior “full-time” financial officer position. The position is the senior financial officer for a departmental branch headquarters. The total of $33,908.90M is shared among 30 positions in the pool). This is the department’s senior (deepest) specialist responsible for financial planning and resource management. Prepares departmental financial statements including those required for Public Accounts. It is one of four reporting to the Director, Financial Management. They report on the financial position and changes in the financial position of the reporting entity. Plans and coordinates work of assigned staff from both own and other departmental sources. One Credit and Collection Officer and one Cashier (clerk) reports to this position. The total value determined for each job is the sum of the point values assigned by the raters. Two Senior positions reporting to the Chief, each with different subordinate structures, are each responsible for $240 dollars. Requirement for independent action is minimal. The requirement to supervise or manage others may be one consideration, but it is not the only requirement measured under the Managerial and Interpersonal Expertise sub-factor. If a “pool” of similar positions exists at the same organizational level, and all share equal responsibility for influencing a given size of resources, those resources must be correspondingly apportioned by dividing by the number of positions in the pool; If positions are at the same organizational level but have different responsibilities, the size of resources influenced, If positions are at different organizational levels but have similar spans of responsibility (i.e. As the senior financial expert for the Branch, the position must persuade managers of the best way to reduce costs to meet budgetary restraints. Fundamental specialized financial knowledge: principles, practices and techniques specific to accounting, financial control and/or financial analysis. See Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation for more detailed explanation on who is eligible for this special basic … The position is in a small department and is one of nine reporting directly to the ADM Administration, who serves as the CFO. ... FI-03. The Chief reports to a Director Financial Management. Resources: Weighted amount of $3M (B-1 = $3M). The supervisor is the deepest specialist. Other positions reporting to the Director are: Chief Financial Planning and Resource Management; Chief Accounting Operations; and Chief Financial Policy and Systems. A prediction of an entity’s future revenues, expenses, and/or asset acquisitions and dispositions. Two other positions reporting to the Director are: Chief, Central Accounts and Chief, Consolidated Revenue Fund operations. The point rating method facilitates rational discussion and resolution of differences in determining the relative value of jobs. The breadth of expertise (financial subject matter expertise) has already been rated at degree C or D (two financial activities or more). As the corporate specialist in accounting, finds solutions to operational problems and refers requests for systems design or modifications to the Director, Financial Policy and Systems Development. Plans, organizes, directs and controls financial management systems throughout the Region; Plans, directs and controls, preparation of region’s planning and resource management processes including program forecasts, estimates and annual capital, operating and revenues budgets; Provides revenue and expenditure accounting services to regional headquarters and functional direction to District accounts and administration staff; Plans, directs the development, establishment and operation of regional financial management controls including internal controls over financial reporting; Manages the regional systems for procurement of goods and services, contract administration and asset control. Accurate, reliable salary and … Four Financial clerks report to this position. The factors, sub-factors and elements are: For each factor, the maximum point value assigned and corresponding point weighting reflects its relative importance. The requirement for independent action is constrained by departmental and central agency policy and standards and by general direction from the Director. The work consists of monitoring and controlling the operation of cash management practices and identifying relevant cash management techniques to be applied when problems occur. There is a requirement to provide two district Accountants with explanations on financial statutes, regulations, directives and requirements. Requirement for independent action is constrained by policy, regulations, and direction of the Director, Finance Branch. improve management practices across departments and agencies. Position is one of eight reporting directly to the Regional Director. Planning and Resource Management; Policy and Systems Development; and Accounting Operations are each normally considered a full activity). Master of Science (MS) $0 - $52k. NR Architecture, Engineering and Land Survey, SP Applied Science and Patent Examination, (SR-C) Ship Repair Chargehands and Production Supervisors - East, Collective agreements for the public service, HP Heating, Power and Stationary Plant Operations, PR(S) Printing Operations (Supervisory) Group. $101.86M (B-1 = $390M, B-3 = $63.70M, B-4 = $45M, B-5 = $112.50M. Work consists of finding solutions to problems in familiar situations. The total of $611.20M is shared among 6 positions in the pool). The total of $43.5M is shared among 2 positions in the pool). The total of $311.10M is shared among 7 positions in the pool). Resources: Weighted amount of $1,643.12M ($1.64B) (B-1a = $661M, B-1b = $89M, B-2a = $1.12M, B-2b = $677M, B-3 = $150M, B-5 = $43M, B-6 = $22M). Position is one of a pool of four Systems Analysts reporting to the Chief. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. Bachelor of Arts (BA) $48k - $51k. An understanding of managerial concepts is required but few real managerial functions are performed. Independent action is generally constrained by departmental regulations, policy and direction provided by the Chief. It is comprised of two elements: Size and Nature of Resources measures the relative size of the portion of total annual expenditures and/or revenues which are influenced by a position. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. Independent action is constrained by both departmental and branch policy, regulations and standards and direction by the supervisor. The position is located in a branch headquarters of a large department, and is one of 10 Chiefs/Section Heads reporting to the Director, who is the most senior Financial Officer in the branch. Coordinates the preparation of accounting reports and public accounts. Solutions which deviate from established precedents and practices are referred for functional guidance which is provided by the departmental corporate headquarters. There are no subordinates reporting to this position on a permanent basis. Browse job salaries by company, location, experience and more from data provided by real employees. A set of means that allow management and users of financial statements to have reasonable assurance that: The use of resources with the expectation of future returns, such as an increase of revenues or assets. Comparisons are also made with descriptions of the factor in benchmark positions for the degrees above and below the one tentatively established. Interaction with managers in corporate headquarters and regions involves advice and guidance when consolidating their needs and assessing the management information system’s capabilities at producing reports. Plans, coordinates and conducts studies relating to the development of financial systems and financial policy, procedures and controls; Supervises project teams of other systems specialists drawn from the division’s pool and from other departments which develop financial policies and systems; and. The work requires creative and innovative thinking in the development of a comprehensive system of classification of accounts. The relation of the position being rated to positions above and below it in the organization is also studied. The total of $347.95M is shared among 4 positions in the pool). One other position reports directly to the Regional Senior Financial Officer: Section Head, Accounting Operations. collecting, processing, maintaining, transmitting and reporting data about financial events and to maintain accountability for the related assets, liabilities and equity; supporting financial management, planning, budgeting and decision-making activities; accumulating and reporting cost information; or. Independent action is constrained by departmental policies, legislation, regulations and direction from the Branch Director, Financial Management. Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO). Resources: Weighted amount of $86.98M (B-1 = $276.70M, B-3 = $60M, B-5 = $11.25M. 576. Mayor Bill de Blasio on Nov. 29 announced a phased-in reopening plan starting the week of Dec. 7 that will allow elementary school and District 75 students to resume in-person instruction in parts of the city where transmission rates remain low. Tabled in Parliament on or before March 1st. This scenario shows the Chief, Accounting Operations, which heads of a small unit, reporting to the Director. Recommends approval of credit to clients and authorizes release of payments to creditors. Position provides financial recommendations through one organizational level. Branch senior financial generalist with responsibility for all financial management activities including policy formulation. Implements and controls the Branch regional financial management program; Implements departmental procedures and policies for the preparation of the Branch’s Regional ARLU and estimates, budget forecasting, financial planning, control and accounting; Develops, implements and maintains reporting systems on the usage of financial resources and FTE’s; Administers the departmental revenue management policies, systems and procedures for the region; and. Point-rating plans define characteristics or factors common to the jobs being evaluated, define degrees of each factor and allocate point values to each degree. The ultimate objective of job evaluation is to determine the relative value of jobs in each occupational group in order that employees carrying out the jobs may be paid at rates consistent with the relationship indicated. The policies, systems and practices designed to improve the government and department’s cash flow, i.e. Resources: Weighted amount of $201.40M (B-1 = $172.50M, B-3 = $22.50M, B-5 = $6M, B-7 = $0.40M). This scenario shows the Chief, Financial Planning and Resource Management which heads up a unit, reporting to the Director. Directs the implementation, maintenance and evaluation of departmental accounting, financial reporting and financial control policies, systems and procedures; Directs the preparation of financial management and accounting reports; and. Financial Reporting and Evaluation Directorate. Interpersonal Expertise measures the expertise required to influence others. Salary; Senior Financial Analyst salaries - 2 salaries reported: S$114,000 / yr Technical Support Engineer salaries - 2 salaries reported: S$52,500 / yr Director, Project Manager salaries - 1 salaries reported: S$250,000 / yr Sales Manager salaries - 1 salaries reported: S$120,000 / yr Business Systems Analyst salaries - 1 salaries … financial institutions into a single corporation, such as Citigroup S&Ls, credit unions Life insurance companies ... $0.71 = $29.03 - $28.32 (0.71/28.32 = 2.51%) Bid: someone wants to buy 4,000 shares at 29.03 Ask: … There is no requirement to apply managerial concepts. Provides advice to senior managers of the institution on a wide range of financial matters; Plans, directs, and exercises financial control over expenditures and resource utilization and undertakes financial analysis of the institutution input to such items as the ARLU, Main Estimates and Public Accounts; Promotes, recommends and controls the use of sound financial management techniques throughout the institution, including accounting and reporting practices, procedures and systems; and. A method of accounting that recognizes transactions and events in the period in which the transactions and events occur regardless of whether there has been a receipt or payment of cash or equivalent. 3.1 This standard is a key component of the classification system and must be read in conjunction with the Policy Framework for the Management of Compensation, the Policy on Classification, the Directive on Classification, the Directive on Classification Grievances, and occupational group definitions. Four different positions report directly to the Chief position: The worksheet measures the relative size of the portion of total annual expenditures and/or revenues which are influenced by a position. Recognition of a revenue and the related asset in the period earned and recognition of an expense and the related liability in the period incurred in the absence of a cash transaction. compliance with legislation, regulations, policies and delegated authorities. $47.75M (B-1 = $201.75M, B-3 = $23.25M, B-4 = $36M, B-5 = $25.50M. Reports to: Chief, Financial Policy and Systems. The Chief, Accounting Operations has responsibility for the full activity. For the current financial year of 2017-18, the Tax slabs are as follows : For Individuals who are less than 60 years old (either … A method of accounting that is concerned with the provisions and use of accounting information to managers within organizations, to provide them with the basis to make informed business decisions that will allow them to be better equipped in their management and control functions. The position is a full time regional financial generalist working in Financial Planning and Resource Management and Accounting Operations. Interaction involves influencing others when providing functional direction and guidance to the regional financial staff. Implements and maintains the Branch costing system. A schedule of the specific work that is to be done toward the achievement of objectives stated in a department or agency strategic plan. Independent action is constrained only by policy, legislation and regulations. Senior financial officer of a program branch responsible for all financial management activities except policy formulation. Managerial concepts are applied in the control and coordination of the single activity of accounting operations at the department’s corporate level. Influence: Recommends through four organizational levels. Work consists of relatively similar tasks relating to account payment and finding solutions to problems in relatively familiar situations and on occasion provides input to the development of policies. an objective strategic advisor for business and financial management; the key steward with respect to relevant legislation, regulations, policies. Directs reconciliation of balances in reciprocal accounts in Central and departmental systems. no ARLU). Resources: Weighted amount of approx. Three other positions report to the Regional Manager: Superintendent, Material Management; Administration Officer and a Regional Accountant. A quantitative examination of the differences between planned and actual amounts and expenditures/revenues versus-forecasted expenses/receivables. An understanding of managerial concepts is required when providing direction to staff and for the coordination and control of the assigned responsibilities. Salary Step along with the salary increment shall be Rs.18,330/-.
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