I called the company and asked for who makes the padding and they said scotchguard only makes that top cover that’s on it. It’s just a shame these places today don’t tell you this and just tell you to get 8lb rebond. Regular care. Thanks for the tips everyone! Carpet feels thick and I know it’s not the carpet, it must be high end padding. Generally if you are installing a wool carpet the manufacturers recommend a rubber underpad. Carpeting is a beautiful investment for any room in your home. HIGH QUALITY - Carpet pad won't stain your floors. Every step you take on carpet can ground dirt into fibers and break them … We had older dogs and expected to replace the carpet and didn't want to always replace the pad. If you’re not sure, just ask one of our design experts and they’ll help you choose from the finest ones we have! We had to do a quick and unanticipated complete carpet replacement when we bought this house in 2010 because no amount of cleaning would get rid of the cat dander which was making me sick. Here's what to know about today's materials, costs and trends, My Houzz: Buried Treasure in an Eclectic Bachelor Pad, Prevent Slips and Floor Damage With the Right Rug Pad, My Houzz: Groovy 1970s Retro Pad in Los Angeles, Houzz Tour: Coffee and World Travel Inspire a Bachelor Pad, Guest Picks: Hippie-Chic Style for Today's Pads, New Sophistication for a Connecticut Bachelor Pad, Neighboring Studio Becomes a Crash Pad for Guests, Out, Darn Spot! Sounds like they are trying to get done fast and cheap, and will be long gone by the time the mold gets going! BUT, rebond cushions often contain re-cycled foam, some of this is recycled from old carpet pad. Google it for info. Lowes sells Mohawk SmartStrand carpet, as does Sears. Mohawk SmartCushion Carpet pad serves a variety of other helpful purposes: Earlier carpet pads were made out of cattle hair, which was a by-product of the leather tanning trade back in the day. … When you prevent moisture from getting into the flooring, you prevent mould growth/spores from entering your breathable air. The plastic prevents the moisture from attaching/getting into flooring/walls/etc. This is what you want. One carpet place said "Pad is good enough". Smart Cushion has a moisture proof top…nothing gets below the carpet. Unless it is latex foam, it will out-gas. Because one pad is in a particular category does not mean it cannot be used for another. Deviating can shorten the life of a carpet. Or a different dog? We decided to use a very thick pad as recommended by the salesman. Upgrade the pad as well. The most noticeable spot is along one of the living room walls where I decided I did not want any furniture. Now, at my own house tonight, the only carpet I have is on my basement steps (no worries for spills as basement unfinished, but it's super soft feeling like the other parts of my parents house which I found out had foam. It's cheap carpet on these basement steps,, but the foam makes it's super soft on your feet and shoes. Helen. In fact, the higher the quality of the carpet cushion, the more comfortable that your carpet … A step above that would be a full memory foam with antimicrobial, such as Healthier Choice. Leggett and Platt Pads First, the photo shows what appears to be a rug. The squishier the pad, the more tendency it has to hurt the carpet, because you are stretching the carpet every time you walk on it and causing stress to the latex that holds the primary and secondary backings together. It also helps the impact of heavy furniture and foot traffic. Also, I do not know of a wool pad. It's easy to scoop up the mess and treat the spot with OUT for a total clean up. The memory foam adds resiliency and the moisture barrier will prevent any spills from getting to your subfloor. Let It's seen children to adults, grandchildren, lots of pets, spills/accidents, a seeping mini-flood in the living room, etc. Not only is this a good match for your carpet, Mohawk also donates a portion of every one of its pink SmartCushion purchases to the Susan G. Komen foundation for their ongoing cancer research. We know your home is an expression of your sense of style, and we’re here to make sure you’ll be proud of it for years to come. It will cost you a little extra, but the off gassing of the cheaper standard versions creates a noxious odor and is harmful for air quality - people and pets! Ok, I’ve been in many multi-million dollar houses and everytime I’m in a house like this that has carpet, and when I step on it it’s super super soft and you sink in and it feels incredible on your feet.
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