First Look: AKG K612 pro & K712 pro Studio Head­phones. Exploring inside, the yellow wire has been in contact with the rod soldered to the red wire, this caused the plastic coating on the yellow wire to melt. Caldo ed avvolgente, sembra quasi valvolare, da dei bassi a queste cuffie... Infatti il l'X5 III ha di per sé una sonorità calda, che spinge sui bassi, senza alterare gli alti e i medi, che amo! COVERAGE: Plan starts on the date of purchase. Un motivo per cui ho bandito gli MP3 e gli M4A dalla mia vita, compressi, schifezza che non restituisce niente solo compressione e niente realismo se sentite con certe cuffie (non parlo di IEM ma di cuffie serie come queste). Und so tauchen Elemente wie das selbstjustierende Kopfband, der einseitige XLR-Anschluss und auch der flexible Kunststoff-Bügel wieder auf, während nach einem Falt- oder Klappmechanismus vergeblich gesucht wird. Scordate gli smartphone, se avete un DAP che sia capace di pilotarle, per esemio Astell & Kern o Onkyo o FiiO perché no. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. AKG K712 PRO Open-Back Dynamic Reference Headphones Master the Sound Hear things that you've never heard before. The 712 series is made in Europe and has gotten sterling reviews, so I thought I'd buy from Amazon and take advantage of their great return policy if I didn't like them. Reviewed in the United States on October 21, 2017. I thought it was probably the flimsy 3m cable but couldn't pinpoint where in the cable it was, so I thought maybe it's the plug, I'll just get another cable. Very light weight. It's an intricate collection of ideas, molded and shaped into a work of art. A megadott címre túl sok kiindulási lehetőség található. Tra l'altro possiedo il FiiO ed è favolosa la sonorità che il dac interno AKM AK4490 restituisce! Vorweg - ich bin Musiker, befasse mich unter anderem auch mit Recording und Mastering, habe von Geburt an aber leider auch einen leichten Hörschaden. Possiedo un FiiO X5 III che le pilota egregiamente con Gain High che li da circa 250 mWatt. The ear cups are dense, and the headband design is flexible enough to handle an above-average amount of physical stress. Fazit: nicht billig, aber preiswert erscheint mir hier die perfekte Aussage. In quanto sono neutre e di certo non enfatizzanti e cariche di bassi, puntate su altre marche. Please try again later. Restituisce malapena >90 mWatt di potenza, dai su! Queste restituiscono ogni difetto della registrazione e della sorgente in ascolto, quindi se prendete in considerazione di acquistare queste cuffie: o perché siete degli ingegneri del suono in cerca di qualcosa di economico ma serio! Unfortunately neither are true. We are sorry. There's a lot that goes into music. I wouldn’t be too overly concerned about the difference here. È un pregio da non sottovalutare. The K712 PROs are reference, open, over-ear headphones for precise listening, mixing and mastering. That's why the AKG K712 PRO Headphones are the perfect companion. If you’ve searched for any kind of headphone recommendations online, then you’ve definitely come across some AKG headphones. I wear cans for about 8 hours a day so i naturally became very picky about my headphones, and these are definitely my favorite pair of cans, and AKG proves that in the audiophile game $1000 dollar headphones dont always equal better, the super low price threw me off as i was looking to spend around 500, but i've seen these elsewhere for 300 usd, i was shocked they were so low and some others have commented that the k701s listed here are counterfeit, the comments didnt seem to have any stories with this model so i bit and purchased them, was choosing between these and the hifiman 400i since they were planar and my last set purchased was the oppo-pm3 and i wanted to stick with the planar sound but the reviews on these convinced me to try open-back/dynamic and wow AKG is on their A game, these are for studio use and i would definitely not wear these in public as being open back of course the entire plane or bus will hear your music, and the size, they are quite large and i feel like i'm about to signal in a navy fighter jet in top gun when i put them on, but oh so light! They look awesome and the detachable cable with mini XLR means my options for aftermarket cables are vast. Durch die extrem weite und luftige Bühne ist absolut alles herauszuhören, sofern es das Spiel überhaupt hergibt. Certo che se lo collegate ad un telefono e avete degli mp3 (maledetti MP3...) si sentirà tutto impastato. Our designers and engineers have made it their life’s passion to find new ways to deliver breakthrough experiences for artists of all levels. Their rich sonic performance, wide spacious soundstage, and luxurious wearing comfort, a truly-special listening experience. Link AKG Audio on Twitter. Q: Sentitele con un buon Ampli e mi direte... - Range Sonoro: 10 Hz - 39,800 kHz. Dies alles wird zumindest in vielen Foren gemunkelt und von Nutzern, die einen Vergleich hatten, bestätigt. A böngésző által történt helymeghatározás nem sikerült. Vorweg - ich bin Musiker, befasse mich unter anderem auch mit Recording und Mastering, habe von Geburt an aber leider auch einen leichten Hörschaden. Recently I noticed the elastics that hold the ear cups in place had perished and become useless. They look nice, and light weight. Podziel się opinią na Ceneo! Der 702 hatte wohl früher recht präsente Höhen und eher wenig Bass, aber es scheint ein stilles Update gegeben zu haben, sodass sie nun ideal sind. My only concern is the lifespan of the elastic bands that allow for automatic headband... Superior comfort and build quality. O perché siete esigenti in musica come me e sapete come pilotarle, perché questa questione è importante! 250 gramdan az ağırlığı ile oldukça hafif olan K712 PRO’yu taktığınızı bile unutabilirsiniz. Whereas the other alternative is the Sennheiser HD 800's, ($1k+?) Search for answers. Possiedo un FiiO X5 III che le pilota egregiamente con Gain High che li da circa 250 mWatt. I spend a lot of time at concerts standing right next to the speaker as bass reverberates throughout my body. Наушники AKG K 712 Pro: отзывы покупателей на Яндекс.Маркете. Compare AKG K702 vs AKG K712 PRO headphones side-by-side. Possiedo 100ia di CD e molti titoli acquistati in Hi-Res da Qobuz, HDTracks ecc e posdo affermare, dopo circa 25 ore di burn-in, che il soundstage è una meraviglia. How? I was lead to believe that AKG prided themselves on good products and great customer service. Im Internet ist das vielfach nachzulesen, sodass ich die Rezension kurz halte. (I’m eletronic music producer) November 14, 2019 Reply The AKG K712 PRO Open-Back Headphones are a dream come true for studio-dwellers and audiophiles alike. A limited Anniversary Edition was released last year to mark the first 50 years of AKG's existence, and the K702s have now been joined in the company's range by two new models. Bei der Verarbeitung und dem Design des K712 bleibt sich AKG weiterhin treu. Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2017. A: Also ein Bass-Monster ist das Teil sicher nicht, der Kopfhörer soll ja beim Mastering alle Frequenzen so neutral wie möglich rüberbringen, ohne einen bestimmten Bereich besonders zu betonen, dennoch klingt der AKG angenehm voll. Man hört hier keine Musik, man erlebt... Diese AKGs toppen wohl so ziemlich alles, was nicht gerade an die Grenze der 1000 € kommt. They were very accurate, neutral and provided superb imagery: whatever is in the mix is there for the listener.
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